...effect the quickest response to client’s needs to achieve optimum time efficiency.

The Vision

Leading Commercial and Industrial Property Investment Company – Newlyn Group

To target potential prime industrial properties, with the intention of transforming them into choice facilities that offer the ultimate solution in location, storage and logistical efficiency, in accordance with client requirements.

To ensure that sites are tailored specifically to suit client’s business requirements, ensuring optimal operational efficiency, and creating on-going value for their businesses.

To effect the quickest response to client’s needs to achieve optimum time efficiency.

Our Tenants

The Newlyn Group

The Newlyn Group was established in 1996 to avail itself of the opportunities within the Port Logistics sector. Prior to 1994, Black participation within the Port had been prohibited by legislation. The Group’s focus is the creation of operationally efficient storage facilities in close proximity to the coastal and inland ports. The Group’s facilities are located in Durban, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Richards Bay and Cape Town.

The Group’s current facilities are strategically located and are designed primarily for the storage of palletized and high volume dry bulk cargo. Utilising its vast understanding and knowledge of the storage and logistics sectors, the Group effected improvements to its properties , thereby creating operationally efficient storage facilities This vast knowledge of the storage and logistics sectors has ensured the Group’s high levels of occupancy with blue chip tenants.

Our Mission

To continually strive to offer clients the foremost in specifically tailored prime locations, which address their specific business needs in terms of optimal logistical and operational efficiency, location and storage, thus creating on-going value for their businesses.

To guarantee the quickest response to client’s needs, ensuring optimum time efficiency. To remain vigilant to potential opportunities to acquire, renovate or transform prime industrial properties that suit our client’s niche market requirements.

To ensure we not only meet, but also consistently exceed client expectations. To utilize staff expertise to efficiently manage projects, which create on-going value for clients, in the daily operation of their businesses.

To add value to the community by providing employment, which ultimately uplifts and empowers workers and their families.